Monday, January 17, 2005

17th january

been a long time since the last write up, whew, 1st reason i formatted my pc so lost all track of internet addresses, 2nd reason well nt diligent enough to keep updating this blog aka lazy, 3rd reason been busy playing around during and even after xmas, even on the brink of exam like right now. Okay, a quick update for my online diary will be errr
1. xmas was much more fun than i thought it would be, a long road trip to natural hot spring and a splendour dinner really did the trick.
2. new year hmm went for a japanese steam boat, vomitted out after, i think i ate too much and then i left the bottle of chilli sauce that my mom gave me in the restaurant, darn.
3.experiencing exam pressure right now, resulting in lack of sleep and clear thoughts.
4.oh yeah i almost forgot last last week church was fun, even though i only attended the last 15 minutes of it, looking forward at the next available opportunity.
5.going back next month after the ski trip, i think i look forward more to the trip instead of going back,somehow getting more of tokyo-sick rather than homesick oh well.

Well here we go so far, till the next update which hopefully will be after examination

Thursday, November 11, 2004

11th november

11th november
day of accident, fall right on top of my bicycle handle, damn, right felt like was stabbed, bicycle handle was bent for 45 degrees, brakes all broken, gear damaged probably, light fell off, and plus a hideous injury on stomach under the the belly button, this is crazy, i better wont be f**kin arnd anymore during rides, haizzz, i think its gonna cost me a big bomb for the repair and hopefully i dont need to pay for medical bills as well, 2nd accident since the one where i think i injure mys houlder as well, must look for other modes of transport soon, too careless on a bike can be fatal.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

New links !!!!

hello blog, its been awhile reallya while since im updating anything, i dunno man, feeling like there isnt much to write about lately aside of the usual school work and games. Maybe i think i am only going to write when there is something unusual. for example, tonite at around 3 am a strange never seen before in my whole life a mist so thick is covering around the residential area, i wonder what causes this strange phenomenon, even though this is not a tropical area, but no mist usually formed in cities at such thickness, its really like those of horror movies, all visibilities are under 50-40m hmmm anyway here is the link


Friday, October 15, 2004

October 15th

tml test, damn, 1st test in second semester, got to somehow make it out, well for now, things has nt change much, much pretty much all the same. Waiting for some happenings, or should i barge out and make some, duhz.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Darn darn rain 27th September

damn rain dats all i can say, underpant crisis, fallen frm bike, wet books, flu, wad else, great weather indeed for turning from 30 degree to 20 degree in 3 days , hmm game shwo was great, i mean really great , plenty of games coming up, gt4, devil may cry 3 , mgs 3 all look good. And in addition the babes were really great too, plenty of cutes one esp the one whom kaede took a picture with. hmmm dats it for now, got to concentrate for studies this week , get a watch on weekend too.

Friday, September 24, 2004

24th September

Hey dude blog,

Its been a while since the last update, sorry, have not much thing to write, or maybe not wanting to write, or maybe too lazy to put it down. Anyway summer holiday is over and things beginning to turn back to normal as they were before the holiday, the school lessons, the reports, activities after school and all dat. Talking about seasons, its turning to autumn soon enough, say byebye to hot summer and welcome the cool breeze of autumn, falling red leaves, mufflers on people's neck, the season to be liked most in my thoughts. Can't wait for next year "Ski" event too, will try my best to go despite the humongous expenditure. And yeah most of all thing on this holiday , i think i learn many things again, went off to factory for "real" work simulation, stayed over at dad's boss house. Despite the tiredness and the awkward feeling that i got from going over there, but i began to learn the hard earned value of money, and somehow some tricks on the japanese business world conversation thingy. So somehow money in my pocket are spent with much more consideration and also i think i sort of "levelled up" in my japanese skills. And to my happyness its "tokyo game show " week this week, the next day after im going to go there and have fun! Looking at all sort of game's display and all the cool costume play by japanese teens, sure there to be plenty of babes too! Cool weekend , good time to put the things i don't wanna think about when having fun. Darn the c-mail, hopefully i can deal with my self preservation thingy before real day come. I won't mess it up again, yeah thats one thing for sure in my mind right now, for now till here, more update after the game show.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tuesday 12th

i have got my 5.1 surround system ooo yeah ooo yeah , heaven here i come~~~~